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Expanding our Range

Brital Ltd Expands range with addition of Thermal Break Door and Window Systems

Continuing development of the product range has been one of the main factors in the success of Brital Ltd in the Gulf in the past few years. The UK based aluminium Facade systems company has now completed the addition of a complete range of door and window products to complement the existing range of curtain wall and Facade systems.

The existing range of curtain wall systems includes fully capped curtain wall, 2-sided and 4-sided structurally glazed systems plus skylights, cladding, etc. The addition of the door and window systems now completes a total product range available from a single source for projects in the Gulf.

The Brital Ltd approach of designing products specifically suited to the Gulf region takes a little more time than producing a standard system but enables the products to fully evolve as the best performance/value package for their intended markets rather than simply marketing a standard system throughout different markets. The new product ranges have been thoroughly developed before being launched with input from fabricators, accessory suppliers, extruders and end users all ensuring that the systems are fully compatible with the Gulf region markets and climate.

The new product range includes tilt and turn windows and doors, top, bottom or side hung windows, sliding windows and doors, louvers, open-in and open-out casement doors and swing doors. All can be fully integrated into any of the Brital curtain wall systems. As with all Brital system projects each and every application of any Brital product is fully reviewed by the UK based designers before any works are commenced. This provides an unrivalled level of security for clients using Brital products as they can only be installed following the original system designer's approval. Additionally Brital systems can only be manufactured and installed by approved aluminium fabricators who meet the necessary standards of quality and competency in their operations. The above products are available in both thermally broken and non-thermally broken designs thus offering suitable products for all applications.

Brital systems are extruded in the Gulf exclusively by Napco in Oman, ensuring timely and cost effective availability of the products throughout the region.

Brital Ltd are system designers and engineers which means that if a particular project requires some additional non-standard design it can be incorporated into the system by the original system designers thus ensuring that the design integrity is not jeopardised by unauthorised modifications or alterations to the basic design.

Brital systems have been used in the Gulf for 10 years and some recently completed projects are in UAE, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Oman, etc. Forthcoming projects will further increase the geographical usage of the systems throughout the Gulf region and beyond.

Further information regarding any of the Brital systems is available direct from Brital Ltd, or Napco or from any of the network of approved fabricators in the region. (See Links page).